Save the secret to owning bright white teeth at home

Save the secret to owning bright white teeth at home

Yellow teeth not only cause aesthetic problems, make your smile less confident, but it is also a sign of the appearance of some dangerous diseases that few people know about.

  1. What causes teeth to yellow?

1.1 Endogenous factors: factors from the inside that make our teeth yellow:

  • Only few people know that genetics play a key role in the formation of our pigment and enamel from an early age. The color, shape and texture of teeth can be inherited from family members. If the mother or a close family member inherits yellow teeth, the child is likely to have a case of congenital yellow teeth right from the womb.
  • Having to use antibiotics regularly is also a cause of yellow teeth. Especially antibiotics such as Histamine, Tetracycline, Albuterol, Doxycycline…
  • Fluoride is known to be a substance with the ability to whiten teeth commonly found in toothpastes on the market. However, overuse of this substance will cause our body to have an excess of fluoride. This phenomenon causes yellow or brownish stains on teeth (also known as fluoride intoxication)

1.2 Incorrect dental care process. Most people who experience yellow teeth come from "misunderstandings" in oral care.

  • Brush teeth too thoroughly, rub hard: with the concept that the stronger you brush your teeth, the longer you rub, the better you can remove the plaque on your teeth. In fact, the plaque on the teeth is quite soft and liquid, brushing the teeth too many times or too carefully will cause enamel and gums to gradually erode. When the enamel is lost, the white dentin layer of the teeth will be unprotected, gradually turning yellow and staining faster.
  • Overuse of mouthwash with high acidity: there are many mouthwash products on the market that are quite acidic, and regular use will cause enamel to be worn away, causing serious yellowing of teeth.
  • Forgot oral cleaning: when you don't brush your teeth properly, don't use basic oral care measures, don't go to the dentist regularly, it will cause tartar to accumulate day by day, and gradually your teeth will turn yellow. Not only that, this can also cause the accumulation of plaque on tooth enamel, thinning of the protective layer of teeth, yellowing teeth due to bacterial layer, which is the cause of gum diseases.

1.3 Habits from daily life:

  • Besides the habits in daily life such as drinking tea, coffee, smoking, etc., but not accompanied with reasonable regular oral care measures, in the long run, it will make teeth yellow and weaker.
  1. Stained teeth affect daily life:

2.1 The consequences of persistent yellowing teeth not only cause aesthetic loss, lack of confidence in communication, failure to treat it will cause us to encounter the following problems:

  • Tooth decay, damage to tooth structure, can also cause gingivitis, 
  • Such as bleeding gums and swollen gums, periodontitis occurs when bacteria attach to the teeth to produce harmful toxins that damage the gum.

2.2 Health problems related to teeth, yellow teeth can also be a sign of the following conditions:

  • Sickle cell disease
  • Problems related to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems
  • Diabetes
  1. Enhance the state of your yellow teeth: If the cause of yellow teeth comes from exogenous factors, we can easily overcome this situation by the following methods:

3.1 Brushing teeth with baking soda:

  • Baking soda is known to be extremely popular in families, with its mild abrasive properties, baking soda is used as a cleaning agent. Some studies show that, after contact with water, baking soda will activate some components capable of destroying plaque and yellow stains on teeth, thereby significantly contributing to preventing the risk of tooth decay. 
  • By dissolving a moderate amount of baking soda in warm water, then keeping the mixture in the mouth for 2-3 minutes and then rinsing your mouth with clean water. However, basically baking soda still has mild bleaching properties, so limit regular use to avoid excessive erosion of enamel, making teeth weak and counterproductive.

3.2 Natural acids: 

  • The natural acids found in orange and lemon peels can remove the bacterial film on the teeth that causes tooth discoloration. We can use orange peel or lemon peel and scrub it well before brushing our teeth. Or we can directly use lemon juice to rinse our mouth, then brush our teeth again to clean.
  • However, do not overdo this method, because the acidity will cause tooth enamel to be eroded if used regularly.

3.3 Green coffee extract has the effect of whitening teeth

  • Green coffee is known to be a very good ingredient for our health, but we often know its popular use is to support weight loss. In fact, green coffee contains antioxidants, which not only prevents free radicals from damaging tooth enamel, but also effectively removes plaque, bacterial film on teeth, and repels yellowing teeth.
  • We can use toothpastes with ingredients extracted from green coffee, which helps to increase the effectiveness of our daily oral care routine.

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