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Sumi Abera Hand Skin Essential - Made by Vietnamese

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    Sumi Abera hand essence is a product extracted from benign natural ingredients such as green tea essence and snail secretion filtrate, pine bark and HA active ingredient to help regenerate and restore skin cells, support reduce dark spots and blemishes. At the same time, the product has the effect of protecting the skin of the hands under the sun, giving you a smooth, bright white hand.


    Sun protection and get bright white tone: With green tea essence and jojoba oil, it helps protect your hands from sunlight and UV rays, and helps restore sunburned skin.
    Reduce and fade dark spots on hands: Help fade dark spots on your hands extremely effectively.
    Help smooth rough skin: Sumi Abera has the ability to regenerate, help restore wrinkled, rough skin cells.
    Effectively improve roughness and calluses: With snail extract, it helps to smooth rough and calluses skin.

    Sumi Abera hand gel is the first product that uses green tea to nourish the skin, with pure natural ingredients, so it will not cause irritation or itching when used.
    Unlike other hand creams, Sumi Abera uses nano Gel form to help the active ingredients penetrate faster, so the product effect will be clearer and faster than other product lines of the same type.
    Hydrolyzed Jojoba Oil: This is the golden ingredient in anti-aging skin products. With the mechanism of action to repel excessive oil secretion by its good permeability, it creates a protective film on the outside and a layer of moisture inside, making the oil glands less active. Moreover, with a fairly high vitamin E content, jojoba oil can also reverse the risks of anti-aging skin, reduce wrinkles and bring a smooth skin.
    Snail Extract: This is the most prominent ingredient in the Sumi Abera Hand Care line. In snail mucus contains a lot of protein, vitamins and calcium, which helps to fade dark spots, dry spots and brightens, making the skin of the hands naturally even. This is the ingredient that brings bright uses for Sumi Abera.

    Snail Secretion Filtrate (Snail Extract): Supports moisturizing and brightening skin, improves pore condition and prevents skin aging.
    Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Green Tea Extract): Has antibacterial properties, reduces itching, skin rashes and helps regulate sebum formation on the skin.
    Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters (Hydrolyzed Jojoba Oil): Creates an inner protective film and moisturizes the outside for the skin to reverse the aging process that occurs on the skin.
    Larix Sibirica Wood Extract (pine bark): Has anti-oxidant ability, helps to increase collagen and whiten skin.
    Sodium Hyaluronate (HA active ingredients): This is an excellent moisturizing ingredient in skin care products. Help protect your skin from dryness, limit the bad effects of bacteria and also have high antioxidant capacity.

    Step 1: Wash your hands and apply an appropriate amount of gel.
    Step 2: Apply an appropriate amount to the skin and gently massage for 30 seconds to allow the gel to penetrate.
    After using it, you can still live and work normally. Use twice a day morning and night for best results.
    The effective time of Sumi Abera Hand Cream may be faster or slower depending on the location, skin, and regular use time.

    Sumi Abera Hand Skin Essential - Made by Vietnamese
    Sumi Abera Hand Skin Essential - Made by Vietnamese
    Sumi Abera Hand Skin Essential - Made by Vietnamese
    Sumi Abera Hand Skin Essential - Made by Vietnamese
    Sumi Abera Hand Skin Essential - Made by Vietnamese