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Kasumi Abera Cream - NPLHFB

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    Japanese Kasumi Abera high-class skin pigmentation cream is a product that is applied modern Japanese technology combining precious herbal ingredients: red reishi mushroom, ginseng, red microalgae, and red pine oil,... helps support the decomposition of Melanin from under the skin , reducing pigmentation spots, freckles, age spots from the inside, helping the skin become white and smooth quickly but still safely, without causing damage to the skin.


    • Inhibits the formation and accumulation of melanin that causes melasma, helping to prevent the growth and spread of melasma.
    • Melanin is broken down into many small pieces, then out according to the body's natural excretion. Therefore, Kasumi Abera quickly treats melasma but does not damage the skin.
    • Helps eliminate free radicals, increase collagen, and promote skin cell regeneration. Slow down the aging process and increase the skin's resistance, effectively restore the skin. Helps skin to be healthier, while improving overall skin tone, helping skin to be white, pink, and shiny.


    • Red Ganoderma and Ginseng: As we all know, the production of melanin is one of the leading causes of melasma on the skin. With the ability to inhibit melasma, reduce the production of melanin of Ginseng and the ability to dissolve melasma, promote the rapid decomposition of melanin of Red Ganoderma, thereby helping to prevent the growth and spread of melasma, and at the same time treat melasma quickly without causing damage to the skin. These are the 2 golden, high-grade natural ingredients that support the treatment of melasma that Kasumi Abera Melasma Cream especially possesses.
    • Red Microalgae and Red Pine Oil: Preventing melanin pigment formation is not enough to treat melasma. Therefore, Kasumi Abera also adds 2 ingredients that can protect the skin from UV radiation (Red Microalgae) and strengthen the immune system, natural antibiotics for the skin (Red Pine Oil). With the above outstanding ingredients, Kasumi Abera Melasma Cream has become the first choice for today's melasma treatment needs.


    • Ganoderma Lucidum Extract (Red Ganoderma) : Promotes the rapid breakdown of melanin thanks to powerful antioxidants.
    • Panax Ginseng Root Extract (Ginseng) : Promotes skin cell production, and reduces Melanin production thanks to saponins.
    • Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract (Red Microalgae) : Protects skin from UV radiation. Anti-aging smoothies wrinkles and even skin tone.
    • Pinus pentaphylla Seed Oil (Red Pine Oil) : Prevents melanin formation, and strengthens the skin's immune system thanks to vitamins and natural antibiotics.

    Step 1 : Clean and dry the skin.

    Step 2 : Take an appropriate amount, apply it to the skin, and gently massage for the nutrients to penetrate deeply into the skin


    • After using it, you can still live and work normally. Use twice a day morning and night for best results.
    • The effective time of Kasumi Abera Melasma Cream may be faster or slower depending on the location, skin, and regular use time,...
    Kasumi Abera Cream - NPLHFB
    Kasumi Abera Cream - NPLHFB
    Kasumi Abera Cream - NPLHFB