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COMBO Melasma Cream + Retinol Serum - Happy Mother's Day

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    Kasumi Abera Melasma Cream is a specialized skin care product for aging skin. Extracted with the essence of Red Algae, Korean Red Pomegranate and Beetroot combined with modern Nano technology, it helps to deeply nourish the skin dermis to promote the process of blood vessel dilation and tiny blood capillaries to help the skin glow naturally. , prevent skin aging and prevent dull skin from returning. It also adds moisture to keep the skin supple.


    Dispel the dark pigmentation, clean up the brown spots on the face, help the skin to have a fresh color.
    Supplementing a large amount of collagen, helping to regain skin elasticity, thereby tightening pores and maintaining smooth skin for a long time.
    Assists in exfoliating dead cells, intensively moisturizing the skin, thereby stimulating the regeneration of new skin, making the skin youthful and smooth.


    Anti-aging Retinol Serum 

    Serum Abera Retinol 20ml is a skin care product researched and prepared from the Research Institute of Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The product has a gentle aroma and is extracted from precious essences to help you regenerate protective nutrients, restore skin from lesions such as acne, melasma ... Inhibits the aging process and removes wrinkles on the face.

    COMBO Melasma Cream + Retinol Serum - Happy Mother&