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Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream | SYNV

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    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream | SYNV
    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream | SYNV
    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream | SYNV
    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream | SYNV
    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream | SYNV
    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream | SYNV
    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream | SYNV


    Helps You Against Multiple Conditions Of Scars, And Scratch Marks Within 2-6Weeks! 

    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream Can Remove C-Section, Post-Surgery, Tummy Tuck, Old Scars, Keloids, Stretch Marks, Burn Scars and More!

    Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy customers.

    "My third kid was born through cesarean section, and this scar serves as physical evidence of my labor. Since I started using Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream consistently months ago, my scar has actually started to diminish. It feels really relaxing and hydrating when applied to the skin. No discomfort or offensive odor. This works nicely on the acne scars I've been dealing with as well." 

    -Faith Contreras (36), San Diego, California

    "I have been worrying about my face coz could'nt afford the suregery and was ashamed all the time coz of the scar on my face. I saw this gel online and used it multiple times a day, religiously. My scar is almost non-existent. No peoples can ever believe how well I healed and ask me for the name of this stuff regularly. This stuff is a miracle!" 

    -Aubree Barry (45), Dallas, Texas


    Goodbye Existing Scars

    What is Scars?

    A scar is the body's natural way of healing and replacing lost or damaged skin. A scar is usually composed of fibrous tissue. Scars may be formed for many different reasons, including as a result of infections, surgery, injuries, or inflammation of tissue. 

    A scar may appear flat, lumpy, sunken, or colored. It may be painful or itchy. The final look of a scar depends on many factors, including the skin type and location on the body, the direction of the wound, the type of injury, age of the person with the scar, and his or her nutritional status.

    How does Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream Works?

     Our dermatologist creator, who was searching for a secure, all-natural alternative to typical scar therapy, took these demands into consideration while developing Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream. For more than 20 years, thousands of patients with deep scars and imperfections have been effectively treated with Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream.

    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream improves the look of the skin and helps it heal by promoting the growth of new tissue by lowering pigment and scar tissue. This speeds up the creation of new skin cells and minimizes discomfort. It improves the health of a person's skin.

    Moisturize Skin to Reduce Old & New Scars

    By providing moisture to soften the top layer of skin, creating a barrier to keep moisture in, and assisting cells in regenerating and remodeling the connective tissue underneath the scar, Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream has qualities that lessen strain on the scar.

    Flattens and Softens Scar Blemishes

    A scar can be flattened, smoothed, or the color removed with Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream. The Cream helps flatten the elevated tissue by gradually destroying scar tissue. With this product, the scar's size, redness, hardness, and irritation are all reduced. Leaving no scars on your skin!

    Regenerate New Skin Cells

    Cells in the connective tissue beneath the scar are being helped to renew and restructure by Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream. In order to decrease the appearance of scars, it contains special triple action ingredients that penetrate beyond the skin's surface and seal in moisture while also assisting in the stimulation of collagen synthesis and cell regeneration.

    Effective Key Ingredients

    • Red Turmeric: Contains 4 times as much curcumin as normal yellow turmeric. It helps heal wounds quickly, fading dark spots and brightening skin.
    • Rosehip Seed Extract: Helps remove blemishes and scars by promoting the regeneration of skin cells. The fatty acids in rosehip seeds help soften the skin, improve the skin's permeability, and repair damaged areas.
    • Peony Root Extract: Caffeic Acid Stearyl Ester (TCASE) in peony root helps to reduce scarring, and nourishes scarred skin into bright skin. Peony root helps relieve itching, soothes skin, moisturizes, and resilience.


    • Repair damage, and promote the production of skin cells, filling concave scars and pitted scars.
    • Prevent and quickly reduce concave scars, pitted scars, keloid scars, etc on the body.
    • Regenerate damaged skin, bringing bright white, smooth skin.

    Our Gaurantee:

    Here are some of our happy customers

    "Even though it has only been a few weeks since my surgery, I can already tell a change. I should point out that I started using the Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream as soon as the sutures were taken out. There is a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the incision, and based on my past scars, I can say with certainty that this Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream is going to speed up the healing process." - Denver Callen

    "It has been difficult since I have been getting keloids for some horrible reason. I'm getting keloids from little scratches, bug bites, etc. I regret not purchasing this sooner since I have a pretty ugly scar on my leg that is larger and darker. I first used it on two new, small scars, and after applying it every day, one of them vanished! I apply the heel cream every morning and evening, and I don't simply dab it on; I really work it in. I unequivocally advise purchasing this item." - Rhian Collins 


    Use twice a day persistently for best results.

    • The effect duration of the product may vary due to the body’s condition and frequency of use.
    • Do not apply Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream to open or wet wounds.
    • Do not let scar cream stick to mucous membranes or apply the cream too close to the eyes.


    Why are there many sellers selling the same products named Kasumi Abera but at a very low price compared to yours? Where should I buy this product?

    Thanks for your interest in our product. ABERA only sells Kasumi Abera on our Amazon store and the official website, so we haven't distributed it to any other seller yet. Therefore, any other products named Kasumi Abera not sold by us are all counterfeit products and have low quality.

    Can I use this product if I have no pigments?

    Absolutely yes! Besides the effects of treating dark spots and pigments, Kasumi Abera also has the ability to prevent skin aging and brightening. You should use it soon to prevent those skin problems.

    I'm considering buying this product for my mom. Can middle-aged women use it?

    Absolutely yes! Kasumi Abera was created to help postpartum women that have pigment and aging skin can regain their youthful appearance.

    Is it safe for sensitive skins?

    Yes, it is. Kasumi is an advanced product that was certified by FDA. Moreover, Kasumi Abera is also extracted from precious herbs such as Ginseng, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Pine Wood, Snail Secretion Extract, etc, which are proven to be safe for your skin.