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Abera Alan Silver Nano - Psoriasis Relieving Serum - TM

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    Abera Alan Silver Nano - Psoriasis Relieving Serum - TM
    Abera Alan Silver Nano - Psoriasis Relieving Serum - TM
    Abera Alan Silver Nano - Psoriasis Relieving Serum - TM
    Abera Alan Silver Nano - Psoriasis Relieving Serum - TM
    Abera Alan Silver Nano - Psoriasis Relieving Serum - TM
    Abera Alan Silver Nano - Psoriasis Relieving Serum - TM
    Abera Alan Silver Nano - Psoriasis Relieving Serum - TM

    Alan Silver Nano Abera serum is a specialized product used to treat common dermatological diseases such as psoriasis, nail fungus, keratosis, urticaria rash ... Manifestations to easily recognize the disease are redness, inflammatory swelling that form patches and cause itching and discomfort. To cure diseases, besides the method of using Western medicines prescribed by doctors, the use of topical drugs is also the optimal choice of many patients. Alan Silver Nano Abera Serum Distilled from precious herbs and active ingredients, along with superior Silver Nano technology, has the effect of removing fungus, psoriasis on the skin quickly Outstanding Advantages and Uses of Alan Silver Nano Abera Serum

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    Hear What Our Happy and Satisfied Customers Liza Merrit and Philip Reagan Say About Psoriasis Soothing Serum

    “I had been trying to get rid of my psoriasis for years, and nothing was working. The Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum was great at keeping my skin moisturized and helping it feel less dry, but it wasn't enough to keep the scales from building up. I tried almost every cream on the market, and nothing worked as well as Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum. It's so easy to apply and lasts for months, making it an amazing value for money.” - Phillip., 37, Michigan - 

    “The unceasing discomfort I feel, regardless of what I'm wearing or the weather, is the hardest part of having psoriasis for me. Along with having a lot of negative impacts from my medication, like dizziness and mouth ulcers, I also have a lot of exhaustion. My self-esteem and confidence suffer as a result of having psoriasis, particularly when it is in flare-up. There are always days when I feel too insecure to leave the house or be among people, regardless of how self-assured I am or how full of love I am for myself. I tried to keep my skin covered as much as I could since I believed I was helping others and myself alone. But then I discovered Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum and everything fell on the right place. It works quickly to return your skin to a fresh and clear look. My skin  is now 95% improved after only a few days of applying it  a couple of times daily. I’m a believer!” - Liza., 42, Nebraska - 

    What Is Psoriasis? 

    Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, scaly patches and scales. It can affect any part of the body, including the scalp, knees, elbows, and lower back. The condition is genetic, but it can also be brought on by stress or physical injury.

    The cause of psoriasis is unknown. Researchers believe that a combination of genetics and environmental factors trigger it. In some people with psoriasis, the immune system mistakenly attacks their own cells when trying to fight off infections like strep throat or other viruses and sends out faulty signals that start the growth of skin cells at a faster rate than normal . These abnormal skin cells build up into plaques that form in different areas of the skin. This causes inflammation in the skin and leads to thickening of the top layer of skin cells (keratinocytes).

    Common Types of Psoriasis

    The severity of psoriasis varies from person to person and may change over time. Some people only have a few small patches of psoriasis, while others may have more widespread symptoms. There are five types of psoriasis: plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular and erythrodermic. Each type has its own set of symptoms and treatments.

    • Psoriasis plaques : the most prevalent type of psoriasis, results in scale-covered, dry, elevated skin patches (plaques). They could be few or numerous. They typically show up on the scalp, lower back, elbows, and knees. Depending on the skin tone, the patches have different colors. On dark or Black skin, the afflicted skin may heal with transient color changes (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).
    • Nail Psoriasis: pitting, irregular nail development, and discolouration are all effects of psoriasis that can affect both fingernails and toenails. The nail bed may split and become loose in psoriatic nails (onycholysis). The nail could break if the illness is severe.
    • Guttate Psoriasis: young adults and children are the main populations affected by guttate psoriasis. A bacterial infection, such as strep throat, typically causes it to flare up. Small, drop-shaped scaling patches on the trunk, limbs, or legs are its telltale sign. 
    • Inverse psoriasis:  (also called flexural psoriasis) is characterized by a smooth, salmon-colored plaque that occurs in folds of the skin such as armpits, groins and underarms. It is one of the most common forms of psoriasis. It causes smooth patches of inflamed skin that worsen with friction and sweating. Fungal infections may trigger this type of psoriasis.
    • Pustular Psoriasis: an unusual form of pustular psoriasis results in distinct pus-filled blisters. On the palms or soles, it may appear in little patches or in larger ones.
    • Erythrodermic psoriasis: the least frequent form of the condition, can cover the entire body in a peeling rash that can itch or burn severely. It may be acute (short-lived) or chronic (chronic).

    Enjoy A Relieving Experience!!

     Introducing Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum: A Natural Remedy to Soothe Your Itch, Moisturize Your Skin



    Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum is a simple, easy-to-use product that can help relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and keep your skin looking healthy and clear, even after the worst flare-ups. This product works by moisturizing the skin while it relieves itching and inflammation. It penetrates deep into the epidermis to nourish skin cells, which helps restore their normal function and promote healing.

    Due to its well-known energizing and relaxing qualities, this soothing ointment component is ideal for regular usage. Additionally, it works wonders to hydrate the skin and reduce dryness. Plus, it has inherent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It encourages new skin cells to proliferate more quickly, hastening the process of regeneration.

    This serum is specifically designed to treat psoriasis by providing deep moisturization that helps restore the skin's natural barrier function. It reduces itchiness and scaling associated with psoriasis so you can get back to living life without having to worry about how your skin is going to look. With a small  dab on your skin, a  little goes a long way, so you'll have plenty left over for touch-ups throughout the day!

    So what are you waiting for? Try this product today and see what a difference it can make in your life!

    Clinically Proven


     Our founder, a dermatologist, was inspired to develop Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum after learning that many of his own patients were looking for a safe, all-natural alternative to conventional psoriasis treatments. For more than 25 years, Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum has successfully treated the symptoms of psoriasis in thousands of patients.

     What Are The Key Ingredients and How Do They Work?


    I.Outstanding Advantages and Uses of Alan Silver Nano Abera Serum

    1 As a serum, it is easy to penetrate through the skin

    The serum has a liquid texture, easily penetrates and penetrates deep into cells, not only acting on the surface of the epidermis and mesoderm but also penetrating into the deepest layer, the dermis, so it is highly effective and fast.

    2 Silver ion technology (Ag+)

    Silver ions (Ag +) with strong antibacterial properties penetrate strongly thanks to their nano-size, penetrate deep into the gap, breaking the hard drive bonds of the microfungal. From there helps defeat fungi, solve dermatological problems.

    3 Quick effect in just a few weeks

    Ingredients from precious herbs, Instant itching relief, soothes rashes, does not cause unpleasant sensations. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, children 5 years and older.

    Highly effective for severe dermatitis, helping to reduce swelling, dandruff, redness and skin irritation. You will see a decrease when you start using it in a few days.

    II. Product Ingredients

    Black Ginger: Prevents inflammatory cells by containing Methoxy Luteolin

    Cedar essential oil: Increases resistance, provides nutrients to the skin

    Neem leaves: High antibacterial properties, prevent skin diseases

    ORCHIDS: Anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, slows down the aging process

    NANO SILVER (AG+): Strong antibacterial, inhibiting the growth of harmful agents.

    Take A Look At Alisha’s Ultimate Experience with Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum

    Before Use:

    I got this serum from a friend who had used it on her daughter's psoriasis. I was glad to try it out, because I have been suffering from psoriasis for a while now, and nothing seems to help. My skin is dry, red and itchy all over my body, but especially on my knees. It's been so bad that I haven't been able to play with my kids in the sand or go swimming in the lake like we used to do before I got psoriasis.

    After Use:

    I applied the serum as directed by my friend and within a month of applying it, my skin was feeling better than it has in years! My knees were no longer dry or itchy, and the red patches were gone! I couldn't believe it. My psoriasis has completely cleared up! And now that I've been using this ointment for quite some time now (and following their directions), it felt like a miracle! My skin didn't get dry anymore! And then it stayed that way—I kept using the serum and my psoriasis symptoms never came back! This is one product that has worked wonders for me!


    1) Clean the affected area of skin with mild soap and water 

    2) Apply a thin layer of Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum to affected areas twice daily (morning and evening)

    3) Rub in gently but thoroughly until absorbed

    4) For the best results, use the serum as often as needed

    5) You can apply this soothing serum anywhere on your body that you want to relieve itching and inflammation

    Product Includes

    1 x Abera Alan Silver Nano Serum



    Why are there many sellers selling the same products named Kasumi Abera but at a very low price compared to yours? Where should I buy this product?

    Thanks for your interest in our product. ABERA only sells Kasumi Abera on our Amazon store and the official website, so we haven't distributed it to any other seller yet. Therefore, any other products named Kasumi Abera not sold by us are all counterfeit products and have low quality.

    Can I use this product if I have no pigments?

    Absolutely yes! Besides the effects of treating dark spots and pigments, Kasumi Abera also has the ability to prevent skin aging and brightening. You should use it soon to prevent those skin problems.

    I'm considering buying this product for my mom. Can middle-aged women use it?

    Absolutely yes! Kasumi Abera was created to help postpartum women that have pigment and aging skin can regain their youthful appearance.

    Is it safe for sensitive skins?

    Yes, it is. Kasumi is an advanced product that was certified by FDA. Moreover, Kasumi Abera is also extracted from precious herbs such as Ginseng, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Pine Wood, Snail Secretion Extract, etc, which are proven to be safe for your skin.