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Nano Red Turmeric Serum - TAT

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    - Men and women are used.
    - Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
    - The product can be used for children over 3 years old and pregnant women.

    - Fast fading of all kinds of dark: dark acne, dark eyes, dark armpits, dark knees and elbows, dark intimate areas, dark scars, back acne leaves dark, dark groin, dark buttocks, ... (except for dark lips) .
    - Increases collagen synthesis to restore and regenerate healthy firm skin.
    - Replenish moisture and keep skin soft and supple.
    - Active ingredients from vitamin C, microalgae, honey, ... nourish smooth white skin and even skin tone.

    * Note: Red turmeric serum is a product that specializes in darkening, so it does not work to reduce acne, melasma, freckles, scars, tightening the private area, ...

    - Serum ABERA is made from red turmeric, the first and exclusive in Vietnam, combined with nanotechnology in advanced cosmetic industry to help Curcumin Nano particles have a super small size of only 30 - 50nm, extremely fast penetration, deep impact. deep into the root of the dark root, so it is much more effective to support EXTRACTION than conventional dark cream products.

    - Clean the skin, let it dry.
    - Take an appropriate amount of serum and apply on dark skin.
    - Lightly massage to absorb evenly and let dry.
    - After that, continue living and working as usual.
    - See more details inside the box for optimal effect.

    Use twice a day morning and night for best results.
    Sunscreen is an extremely important and indispensable step in the skincare process. Use sunscreen to protect your skin well!

    - Dark acne from 2 weeks.
    - Dark eyes from 4 weeks.
    - Dark underarms from 3 weeks.
    - Deep intimate area from 4 weeks.
    - Deep knee and elbow from 4 weeks.
    - Deep scars from 4 weeks.

    ***NOTE: The effective time of red turmeric serum may be faster or slower depending on new or old bruises, location, skin, regular use time, ....

    Nano Red Turmeric Serum - TAT
    Nano Red Turmeric Serum - TAT
    Nano Red Turmeric Serum - TAT