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COMBO Melasma Cream + Anti-Aging Serum - KI NEW

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    Kasumi Abera Melasma Cream is a specialized skin care product for aging skin. Extracted with the essence of Red Algae, Korean Red Pomegranate and Beetroot combined with modern Nano technology, it helps to deeply nourish the skin dermis to promote the process of blood vessel dilation and tiny blood capillaries to help the skin glow naturally. , prevent skin aging and prevent dull skin from returning. It also adds moisture to keep the skin supple.


    Dispel the dark pigmentation, clean up the brown spots on the face, help the skin to have a fresh color.
    Supplementing a large amount of collagen, helping to regain skin elasticity, thereby tightening pores and maintaining smooth skin for a long time.
    Assists in exfoliating dead cells, intensively moisturizing the skin, thereby stimulating the regeneration of new skin, making the skin youthful and smooth.


    Anti-aging Retinol Serum 

    Serum Abera Retinol 20ml is a skin care product researched and prepared from the Research Institute of Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The product has a gentle aroma and is extracted from precious essences to help you regenerate protective nutrients, restore skin from lesions such as acne, melasma ... Inhibits the aging process and removes wrinkles on the face.

    "The impressive thing about the Serum Retinol Abera is its 
    innovative formulation. Serum Retinol Abera by itself is already a potent ingredient for anti-aging, but with the support of the additional ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Trichloroacetic Acid, you get a complete 360 anti-aging product that's incredibly potent and effective. I'm recommending this to anyone who wants to reduce the signs of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles." - Dorothy Kulusevski, Senior Head Dermatologist

    Serum Retinol Abera: The Superstar Ingredient For Anti-Aging

    Serum Retinol Abera contains the best anti-aging peptides called Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR, and both work to restore and double the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin. Serum Retinol Abera also aids in regulating cell activities, and remodeling collagen tissues giving it a more youthful and flawless appearance.

    It's all the rage in beauty circles, much in part because of a 2009 study stating, that applying non-prescription Serum Retinol Abera to your skin caused an 80% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles!

    Another important function of Serum Retinol Abera is that it also prevents and reverses glycation, which damages the skin’s natural cushion which is responsible for protecting the skin surface.

    Supported by a Powerful Cast of Anti-Aging Ingredients:

    Hyaluronic acid - is hydration which able to retain moisture. It can also significantly decrease the depth of wrinkles and enhance skin firmness and elasticity.

    Vitamin-C -  Some studies show that Vitamin-C can reduce the appearance of wrinkles when you use it for at least 12 weeks. It can also reduce dark spots, melasma, sun spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone for brighter skin.

    Trichloroacetic Acid - when applied to the skin, peels and exfoliates the top layer of skin over the course of several days, exposing a smoother and more attractive new layer of health and brand new skin underneath

    Ella Marie, a satisfied customer of ours, wanted to share her experience with our product. Here's what she shared with us:

    I started losing my confidence when my fine lines and wrinkles started get worse and very visible in appearance. But thanks to the Serum Retinol Abera, I found a way to get the skin I used to love back!In just 1 week, I was able to see some minimal improvements that the serum gave to my face. The less prominent fine lines and wrinkles were barely noticeable but the more obvious ones were still there. But since there was improvement, I kept using it.
    In week 3, there was a significant improvement as my deep wrinkles started to level out with my skin. While there are still fine lines and wrinkles on my face, the progress was obvious and made continue using the product even more.After a total of 6 weeks, my fine lines and wrinkles look and feel like they're not there anymore! I'm so happy with these amazing results. I feel more confident and look way younger for my age. Thank you for this incredible serum!

    COMBO Melasma Cream + Anti-Aging Serum - KI NEW
    COMBO Melasma Cream + Anti-Aging Serum - KI NEW
    COMBO Melasma Cream + Anti-Aging Serum - KI NEW
    COMBO Melasma Cream + Anti-Aging Serum - KI NEW