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Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream - Made by Vietnamese

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    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream specifically supports the healing of keloid scars, concave scars after car falls, etc. Extracted from natural herbs: Red Turmeric, Onion Extract, pine bark, etc, with modern Nanotechnology, Abera Scar Cream can help prevent and quickly reduce keloid and concave scars. Moreover, it helps to regenerate damaged skin, giving you bright, smooth skin.



    • Repair damage, and promote the production of skin cells, filling concave scars and pitted scars.
    • Prevent and quickly reduce concave scars, pitted scars, keloid scars, etc on the body.
    • Regenerate damaged skin, bringing bright white, smooth skin.



    • Red Turmeric: Contains 4 times as much curcumin as normal yellow turmeric. It helps heal wounds quickly, fading dark spots and brightening skin.
    • Rosehip Seed Extract: Helps remove blemishes and scars by promoting the regeneration of skin cells. The fatty acids in rosehip seeds help soften the skin, improve the skin's permeability, and repair damaged areas.
    • Peony Root Extract: Caffeic Acid Stearyl Ester (TCASE) in peony root helps to reduce scarring, and nourishes scarred skin into bright skin. Peony root helps relieve itching, soothes skin, moisturizes, and resilience.



    • Step 1: Clean the scarred skin.
    • Step 2: Take a sufficient amount of cream, and apply it to the needed area.
    • Step 3: Gently massage to penetrate the cream deeply.



    • Use twice a day persistently for best results.
    • The effect duration of the product may vary due to the body’s condition and frequency of use.
    • Do not apply Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream to open or wet wounds.
    • Do not let scar cream stick to mucous membranes or apply the cream too close to the eyes.
    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream - Made by Vietnamese