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Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream Abera-LTN

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    "I'm amazed by Abera Scar! This red turmeric-infused cream lived up to its promise of treating all types of scars in just seven weeks. It's lightweight, non-greasy, and the results are visible. My scars have lightened, and some even vanished. The natural ingredients and lack of irritation make it a winner for sensitive skin. Abera Scar is my go-to for scar-free confidence! Highly recommend!"








    "Abera Scar, with red turmeric magic, worked wonders on my scars in just seven weeks! Lightweight, non-greasy, and effective on all types of scars. Natural and irritation-free. Say hello to flawless skin with Abera Scar! Highly recommended!













    "Abera Scar worked wonders for my son's scars! Within weeks, the red turmeric-infused cream visibly faded recent and older scars. Easy to use, non-greasy, and with a pleasant scent. Confidence restored! A definite 5-star product! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream Abera-LTN
    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream Abera-LTN
    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream Abera-LTN

    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream

    • Before

      When my son was just over the age of two, he was bitten on the face by our family dog. I was devastated that his beautiful little face was 'not so perfect' as seen in his mama's eyes.

    • After

      As soon as the wounds closed I combined his nightly ritual of teeth brushing with applying Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream. He is now six years old and we still do it. Nobody knows the scars are even there unless I point it out.

    #1 Doctor and pharmacist recommended

    Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream specifically supports the healing of keloid scars, concave scars, etc. Extracted from natural herbs: Red Turmeric, Onion Extract, pine bark, etc, with modern Nanotechnology, Abera Scar Cream can help prevent and quickly reduce keloid and concave scars. Moreover, it helps to regenerate damaged skin, giving you bright, smooth skin.


    Can i use Abera Scar Red Turmeric Cream during the day and intensive overnight at night?

    Yes I use them both

    Does it flatten out old raised scars?

    If you want to flatten raised scars. While the incision is healing (closed) put paper tape on it and I used to rub over it with my finger tips a few times a day. Replace the tape as needed, but Keep the tape on it for a few weeks to a couple months. It will flatten the scar. Not sure if it’ll work on old scars.

    Does this product have a noticeable scent or odor?

    There is a slight odor but fades very quickly. I do not find it to be an issue.

    Do you think it would help fade self harm scars that never got stitches?

    I am glad that you are doing better now. From one person to another; one day at a time.